ATX Sandlot Training Company provides an indoor and netted (floor to ceiling) turf training field (75’x45’) that converts to 5 batting cages with top of the line baseball and softball equipment. If you are looking for the ultimate hitting experience than be sure to reserve some time in our HitTrax batting cage. HitTrax technology provides the hitter with key performance data along with visual representation of the ball path into your choice of a favorite big league stadium. Whether it’s playing in a Home Run Derby or it’s playing in a 9 inning game, this technology can assess a players exit velocity, launch angle, distance and more while also being able to give the serious player this much desired data to promote their skill set while working to earn a chance to play after high school. 

We plan to have our facility running by August 2019. The pictures below show our plans for making this a space for everyone to enjoy their experience.

With Austin, TX arguably the most sought upon place to live and the growing need of more rentable indoor and outdoor field space, this training facility offers just that. Although baseball is our love we believe that having available space to use for multiple sports activities brings a much needed training facility not only for our youth sports teams or individuals but also a place for adults and their kids to spend time together in a friendly, active, clean and positive environment.

We want to provide you and your children a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment that offers the much needed training space for the growing youth population. We are located in the heart of hill country off FM 150 just a mile and a half east of Darden Hill Road and less than 10 minutes from master planned communities such as Belterra, Caliterra, High Point, Sawyer Ranch Estates, Rim Rock, Driftwood Golf Club and more. 

Check out our new hats which will be available to purchase soon!

ATX Sandlot is also the new home to Swift Sessions, LLC. Coach Kevin Garrett and his team of coaches offer elite level strength, conditioning and agility training for all types of athletes. Swift Sessions will find out what’s really important to you and design a customized plan. This allows the athlete to maximize their performance on the field, track, court or even in their daily life. Now having a bigger space to offer additional training classes, Swift Sessions LLC certified trainers can expand their sports focused training programs to teams and individuals throughout Austin and its surrounding communities. To speak with Coach Kevin please visit his website for Swift Sessions.

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